On Vacation

I’ve been on vacation for a while and so has my blog. And I’m going to continue relaxing, filling up my batteries, getting ideas and new inspiration. See you later!


Midsummer at a Primitive Cabin

When staying in a primitive cabin without electricity and water you realize how little stuff you actually need. It’s quite relaxing to be without all stuff and it was a mistake to bring the iPad out here…


The ITS Congress

I spent the whole last week at Messukeskus the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Congress. A very interesting week including many interesting discussions, predicting the future of mobility, testing Google Glasses (I want a pair of those!) and my own speach at one of the sessions. But after being part of all this digitalization, connectivity and robotization it’s very relaxing to spend Midsummer at a small cabin by the sea without electricity!


Local or Global?

The world is getting more and more international but still I get surprised at how travel information is arranged at various airports. At Brussels airport I had to buy my bus ticket using my broken French. Today I wouldn’t have found my way from Copenhagen airport to Malmö without knowing Danish. But actually it is quite nice to get some local flavor (as long as it’s a language I understand).

Inspiring Environment

Sometimes it is inspiring to change the environment and work at a cafe. My favorite cafe is La Torrefazione at Aleksanterinkatu. But for how long am I allowed to sit there if I only buy one Caffe Latte for 4 euros? This made wonder how it would be like to be an entrepreneur and work mainly at cafes. Some people do it, right? Do you buy one coffee and sit there for 8 hours? Or do you move from cafe to cafe? Or have brunch – coffee – lunch – coffe at the same place?



It’s amazing how easy it is to make drawings with modern computer tools. I made this one today with SketchUp, and it only takes about 15 minutes to make simple drawings like this. I should use SketchUp more often for my presentations and reports. Please let me know if you know some other useful tools for creating nice images.


My Niece

My niece’s christening was today. What a lovely girl she is! She was wearing the same dress today as I was wearing at the day of my christening. And so did my dad and his sibilings. It has been used in our family for 70 years now. What a nice tradition!


Always a Challenge

Those who know me know that I hate packing. (Which doesn’t really go hand in hand with my passion for traveling or my otherwise organized habits.) This morning I missed two busses to work because I didn’t know how to fill up my suitcase. And still, there are things I always forget. Pyjamas and hairbrush! I mean, how difficult can it be?