TIKAU & friends

The blog event yesterday took place at TIKAU&friends, a design shop at Korkeavuorenkatu. The founder Taina told us about the TIKAU products and how each product is handmade by families in the most remote parts of India. Taina has selected and educated each family herself.

TIKAU’s partners also told us about the origin of their products and Karin Lindroos had a speach about slow fashion and suistainable shopping.

Very interesting information and made me think that small things really matter. Thank you everyone for participating! Hope to see you again!



Get Together for Bloggers

Nora and I decided to arrange a small get together for Swedish speaking bloggers. At the moments the final arrangements are ongoing while we’re waiting for 15-20 bloggers to arrive.

Thank you Nora for taking care of most of the arrangements and thanks to TIKAU shop and HyväTeko for hosting the event!


How Long Could You Stand a Broken iPad?

Would you believe me if I’d say my iPad has been looking like this for 1,5 years now? It got the first big crack after a minor accident and the rest broke during a flight. (Apparently it couldn’t stand the pressure.) My insurance will cover 100 % of the costs for a new iPad, but I just haven’t managed to get it fixed. Am I lazy? Maybe to some extent, but the biggest reason has been the workload it requires to transfer all the content from an iPad to a PC. Today I finally took the time to do it and it really required hours of work. Huh! And also, somehow I’ve managed to focus on the content and ignore the broken surface.


Maybe I Also Could Enjoy Running?

I have always loved doing sports but at the same time I have always disliked running. Or running without a purpose, so to speak. Orienteering is one of my favorite sports because you don’t focus on the running itself but rather on finding your way in the forest. Back when I lived in Hamburg I considered running as a nice way to explore the city, but now running several times around the Töölö Bay sounds way too boring.

But since it feels that everyone is talking about their morning runs and they even seem to like it I figured it can’t be that bad, right? Besides, it would be a time and money saving way to exercise. That’s why I invested in a running outfit (still having my old shoes though) and decided to give this sport a try. Wish me luck! :)


This is Europe

When you travel to Brussels you kind of expect to visit the most representative part of Europe, right? Some kind of show off – “This is Europe! Here’s where all important decisions are made.”

But what you face when you exit the airport is shown in the picture below. Kind of a garage with messy traffic arrangements. Not really a show off. Before that you’ve been walking for 20 minutes from the gate and colliding with several people since the pedestrian flows in opposite directions inside the airport are crisscrossing all the time. Also, the machine where you want to purchase your bus ticket only speaks French to you. And the bus to the city center is just packed with people.

Would here be a need for a traffic engineer?